Welcome to the LearningQUEST Administrative Member Services.

  • Add Member creates a Member Profile entry, assigning the next available ID #. Only First and Last Name fields are required. The entry is written both to the datatable and to GoogleSheet. Use this option for processing paper forms.
  • Delete User removes the datatable entry, all form entries for that member and, if they are registered, also removes the WordPress user information (login). GoogleSheet is not changed.
  • Update User Data reloads the Member Profile from the online Datatable. GoogleSheet is not accessed.

The Delete User and Update User Data options are to assist in maintaining synchronization between the online system and the GoogleSheet. Actions taken directly in the Sheet may require use of these options.

For example, use Delete User to correct the online system’s data after a row has been deleted from the Sheet.

The online datatable is reloaded from the GoogleSheet overnight but a Member Profile’s data is only reloaded from that datatable upon login. To force the Member Profile to be reloaded from the datatable, use Update User Data.

Please log out when finished.